April 19, 2021

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14 Covid-19 cases inside Aston Villa

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Aston Villa stressed that there were 14 cases of the new Coronavirus inside the English club, including 10 players.

Aston Villa is expected to play Friday’s match against Liverpool in the FA Cup, with a youth team due to the increasing Corona infections.

Christian Purslow, Aston Villa’s CEO, told Sky Sports, “There were no positive cases of Coronavirus, until we discovered 14 infections yesterday, including 10 players.”

Purslow indicated that it is still too early to confirm the team’s ability to play Tottenham and Everton in the Premier League.

It is noteworthy that doubts swirled about the fate of the team’s match against Liverpool, today, Friday, before Aston Villa confirmed, in an official statement, that the match would be held on time.