April 19, 2021

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Premier League Passion

Arsenal confirms its awakening against West Bromwich

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Arsenal continued its renaissance to achieve its third successive victory, by defeating its host West Bromwich Albion (4-0), this Saturday evening, in the Premier League’s 17th round.

Arsenal’s goals were scored by Kieran Tierney (23), Bukayo Saka (28) and Alexandre Lacazette “twice” (60 and 64).

Arsenal’s balance rose to 23 points, in the 11th place, while West Bromwich stuck at 8 points in the 19th and penultimate place.

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Arsenal started since the beginning, looking for the goal to advance amid heavy snowfall. Aubameyang advanced on the left wing, and lifted a cross that arrived on the other side of the field to Bellerin, who hit a powerful ball that was blocked by goalkeeper Sam Johnston in the 3rd minute.

Lacazette passed the ball to Saka, who escaped from the West Brom defense and hit with his right foot, and the ball settled into the arms of goalkeeper Johnston in the 10th minute.

Arsenal kept pressing, and Ceballos lifted a ball from the right, Johnston tried to clear it, reaching Tierney, who fired a powerful shot in the 14th minute.

Two minutes later, Saka advanced on the right, before sending a ball towards the far post, which Aubameyang failed to reach and follow it into the goal.

Bellerin cleared O’Shea before sending the ball in front of goal, Johnston was brilliant in banishing its danger in the 19th minute.

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West Brom launched his first serious attack in the 21st minute, when Pereira broke through Arsenal’s defense, before lifting a cross towards Phillips, who fired at goalkeeper Bernd Leno.

Arsenal opened the scoring in the 23rd minute, when Tierney dribbled Furlong on the left side, before he fired with his right a curved ball that hugged the net.

Arsenal’s second goal came in the 28th minute, through a team work game, and a great combinaison between Lacazette, Smith-Rowe and Saka, which the latter followed it in the net from a short distance.

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Arsenal missed the opportunity to score the 3rd goal in the 32nd minute, when Johnston saved an attempt by Lacazette, and Holding’s header settled in the hands of the West Brom goalkeeper in the 34th minute.

Phillips lifted a corner kick at the head of Ajayi, who put it out next to the right post in the 40th minute, and Lacazette got rid of Ivanovic, before he fired in the narrow corner, so the ball bounced off Johnston’s body in the 44th minute.

At the start of the second half, Pereira kicked off from the left side before hitting a ball at the post, to rebound and find Robinson, who shot it strongly in the upper left corner, but the referee canceled the goal under Pereira’s offside pretext.

Lacazette missed a dangerous opportunity in the 55th minute when Ajayi stood in front of his attempt. However, the French striker replaced it in the 60th minute, when he scored the 3rd goal, as he continued a rebound from Ajay’s body into the net, meanwhile the West Brom defender almost accidentally rocked his team’s net when he hit the post.

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And Lacazette quickly added the 4th goal in the 64th minute, when he followed up a cross from the left side from Tierney.

Willian entered Saka’s place in Arsenal’s squad, and Aubameyang almost wrote his name on the scorers’ list, after following Willian’s ball over the bar in the 75th minute.

In the last 10 minutes, substitute Charlie Austin missed the opportunity for West Brom, when he fired the ball from close range over the goal, and Furlong removed Lacazette’s ball in front of the goal before it reached Tierney in the 82nd minute.