April 19, 2021

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Arsenal’s legend: Willian is a weak deal … and this is the secret behind it

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Former Arsenal captain Tony Adams criticized the team’s contractual policy, stressing that the legendary Gunners coach, Arsene Wenger, would not have done what the club’s management had done recently, directing his arrows at Brazilian Willian.

Willian moved to Arsenal last summer, in a free deal, after his contract with Chelsea ended, while he did not present anything with the Spanish coach Mikel Arteta’s team.

Willian gave a disappointing performance against Everton, which made Adams question the feasibility of hiring the former Chelsea player.

“This is a lazy mandate,” the Daily Mail quoted Adams as saying. “You have to really question the contracting policy at Arsenal right now.”

“We had some great players, with great principles under Arsene Wenger, who has always directed towards the young players. We would never have considered including Willian in Wenger’s presence,” he added.

He continued, “Wenger would not have put a 30-year-old player on his list because he would not be able to implement his ideas or mentally match Arsene’s style.”

Adams accused Arsenal officials, stating that Willian’s deal may have been a courtesy of the club’s sporting director’s agent.

He explained, “This is a direct recommendation from a players agent who has Willian, who is himself the sports director’s agent, Edo, so it is an easy option for the latter, a 3-year contract. I think it is poor polarization.”

He continued: “As a coach, you are given this player, you do not have to involve him, he does not involve Ozil, one of the greatest playmakers.”

“You have a player like Willian, who fired one shot in 12 games, and I think to myself and say Wait, get Joe Willock in there, we have Gabriel Martinelli there, you have a lot of options.”