April 22, 2021

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Arteta assumes Arsenal goals will come soon: It’s pure maths!

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Mikel Arteta is concerned by Arsenal’s reliance on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but believes it is “pure maths” they will start to score if they perform as they did against Wolves.

They had 13 shots against Wolves – a high rate for Arsenal this season – but only two hit the target, while 35 crosses were sent in, yet three found a red shirt.

Poor results made Arteta “really worried”, yet he said: “When you compare what Wolves did and what we did, in a normal scenario, we should not lose that game.”

“If you look in the past few years how the team has shared the goals in the Premier League, it’s been quite limited,” the manager said ahead of facing Rapid Vienna in the Europa League.

“That’s not an issue that is happening now – it’s an issue that has been happening for years, and it has to be resolved.

“To put almost 80 per cent of that responsibility to only Aubameyang is not fair. As a team, we have to resolve that.

“We’re getting into a lot of situations; sometimes the service is not right, sometimes the timing is not right, sometimes the last execution is not right.

“But as a team as well, there are certain things we have to do better. It’s coming from a long way. We have been winning matches producing similar numbers but being very efficient.

“Sometimes, when you have that energy, that state of mind, that confidence, when the moment comes, you hit it. That ball doesn’t go in the post, or it goes in the post and then in. That’s the difference.

“Football is about the energy and the belief of a team. When you lose games, that gets touched. It is one of the beauties of this sport and how you react to this adversity.

“I never think about the future in a negative way; I try to work as hard as I possibly can to believe it is going to change tomorrow.

“I think it’s the first time in the Premier League we put in 35 crosses. If we do that, we’re going to score more goals.

“With the bodies we have in certain moments of the game in that box, it’s maths, pure maths. It will happen. It’s how consistently we can do that and with what level of quality.”

To sum up Mikel Arteta believes in maths and he is quite confident about scoring more goals in the future.

Source: Bein sports premier league news