April 19, 2021

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Bisaka made his choice between England and Congo

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Today, Saturday, an English press report revealed the position of Aaron Wan-Bissaka, right-back Manchester United, from playing for the English national team or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Bissaka’s chance to represent England is a bit difficult, given that he has more than one special element at his center, such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kieran Trippier.

Bisaka joined the Three Lions camp last August, in preparation for Kosovo, in the European Nations Cup qualifiers, before leaving the camp with an injury.

According to the British newspaper “Sun”, the Democratic Republic of the Congo national team is trying to take advantage of Bisaka’s failure to represent England’s first team so far, in order to convince him to play in its ranks.

Bisaka is considered to be of Congolese ancestry, and he previously represented the Congo U-20 national team.

However, the newspaper confirmed that Wan-Bissaka is determined to represent the England national team, despite the difficulty of participating in that position due to the great competition.