April 19, 2021

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Brexit spoils 3 West Brom transfer deals

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West Bromwich Albion coach Sam Allardyce believes that the January transfer period will be the most difficult of his career, as he has to deal with the aftermath of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic amid the suffering of his team in the English Premier League.

The new rules, which came into effect from the first days of 2021, stipulate that Premier League clubs will not be allowed to include players from European Union countries without a work permit, while foreign players under the age of 18 cannot be contracted.

Allardyce, whose team are penultimate with eight points from 17 games, said the agreement on three potential deals had collapsed as a result of the new rules.

“I found three players already who could join us, but this is no longer allowed and this is a pity,” he added.

The criterion of contracting with players is based on a points system that includes the number of international participations at the national team level, youth stages, the number of matches with clubs, the quality of the selling club, its position in the league and the quality of the competition itself.

“Because of the new rules, players were not able to come here, but earlier they could join and now I have to look into it and think about who can qualify? This makes life more difficult … not as much as the epidemic, but the change in rules is due to Brexit and we will try as much as possible to find a midfield player, and it will be the most difficult transfer’s period in my life. “

He continued, “This does not diminish the appreciation of the current players because they are working at the maximum possible capacity, but I must find better solutions to raise the efficiency of the squad and any player who joins us must be better than what we have available and adapt as quickly as possible.”