April 19, 2021

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Coutinho’s injury scares Liverpool

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Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho came close to delivering a heavy blow to his former club, Liverpool, after the Blaugrana announced that the Brazilian had a tear in the inner cartilage of the left knee, and the need for surgical intervention.

According to the Catalan newspaper “Sport”, Coutinho’s injury threatens Liverpool to lose 20 million euros, which it was supposed to get from Barcelona, ​​if Coutinho played 10 more matches with Blaugrana’s shirt.

Coutinho had moved from the Reds to the Catalan club, in January 2018, for 120 million euros, in addition to variants of 40 million euros.

Among the variables, Liverpool would get 20 million euros if Coutinho participated in 100 matches with Barcelona.

The player has only played 90 games with Barca, so far, and will be absent for a period, between 3 and 5 months, which threatens to not reach the centenary, this season.

Barcelona may offer it for sale next summer, and thus Liverpool lose the variable money forever.

Sport stated that Barcelona had intended to get rid of Coutinho in the next winter’s Mercato, but his injury disrupted the plan.