April 19, 2021

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De Bruyne turns down the “huge offer” from Manchester City

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Although the Belgian Kevin De Bruyne is still bound by his contract with Manchester City team until mid-2022, the club’s management is striving to extend the contract until 2025.

To that end, the club’s management made a “huge offer” to the playmaker, 29, to keep him, especially as he was chosen as the best player in the “Premier League” last year.

The German website “Bild Sport” said that De Bruyne is currently getting 313,000 euros a week’s salary, but the club’s management is trying to lure him to stay in the team, by raising it to 360,000 euros a week, bringing his annual salary to about 18.7 million euros.

But the British newspaper “The Times” reported that De Bruyne was not satisfied with the club’s first offer, and the reason was that his selection as the best player in the English Premier League last year must be concidered.

According to the annual salary offered to De Bruyne, the Belgian star will become the fourth highest paid player in the Premier League, behind both Arsenal players Mesut Ozil and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang (20.3 million euros each), and Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea (21.8 million euros).

De Bruyne’s rejection of his club’s first offer does not necessarily mean that he will leave. The Daily Mail reported that negotiations between the two parties are continuing, and said that the two parties are supposed to finally agree to extend the contract.