April 22, 2021

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Everton want to know why the Manchester City match was postponed

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Everton wants to know all the information related to the outbreak of Covid-19 in Manchester City, which led to the postponement of their match in the English Premier League, on Monday.

A few hours before the start of the match at Goodison Park Stadium, City said that a number of its members had contracted the Coronavirus, in addition to 4 who tested positive on December 25, including the striker Gabriel Jesus and defender Kyle Walker.

And the Premier League decided to postpone the match, which was supposed to be held in front of 2000 fans.

Everton said in a statement on its website: “While Everton always puts public safety first, we will require full disclosure of all information that Manchester City has provided to the Premier League’s Association, so that the club can know why this decision was made.”

And according to Premier League rules, no match can be postponed, unless the team has fewer than 14 players ready to play.

City is scheduled to visit Chelsea on January 3, then face its traditional rivals Manchester United in the League Cup semi-finals on the 6th of the same month.

Monday’s match was the second to be postponed this season due to Covid-19 after the Newcastle United’s one against Aston Villa earlier this month.