April 19, 2021

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Guardiola: I won’t support Solskjaer… And this is why we get high salaries

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Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach, spoke about Manchester United’s exit from the Champions League, and the pressures facing Solskjaer, the Red Devils coach, due to the poor results recently.

The two teams meet tomorrow, Saturday, in the top matches of the 12th round of the English Premier League.

Guardiola opened the match conference and said: “We think that we will face the best version of United. This is not a playoff match but for 3 points. Of course it is important to the opponent’s value … We try to win all our matches.”

Regarding the absence of fanss, he stated: “Of course it is better. Old Trafford is better in the presence of the masses, but the virus has not disappeared yet.”

He continued: “The government has begun to open the stadiums gradually in some areas, and together with the scientists, they will decide when to take the next step, when the time is right for the return of the masses.”

He added: “The fans in England are always loyal and express their opinion on social media.”

As for the team’s injuries, he explained: “Eric Garcia is not ready. He will be absent for two or three weeks. İlkay (Gundogan) has trained well, and Aguero will not start the match.”

Turning to morale, he said: “The mood of the team is good this season … The players are responding well, given the current situation and there are no complaints.”

Regarding the pressures surrounding Solskjaer, he said, “This suffering is the reason why coaches get high salaries.”

And he added, “The value of Solskjaer is undoubtedly known, and I will not give him the support because he is strong enough and knows the nature of that job. When we win we become geniuses, and when we lose we are subject to dismissal.”

“It happens at Manchester United and around the world,” he stressed.

And about their exit from the Champions League, he commented: “Of course there is a difference between qualifying for the next round and leaving the group stage.”

He explained: “When the result of their match was 1-1 against Paris Saint-Germain, Martial squandered two clear chances, and it was possible to draw against Leipzig in the last minute.”

And he went on: “This is the Champions League, and we have to accept it. Big teams may leave, and this is why I congratulate the players on winning a match in the group stage because it’s a real challenge, and the Premier League as well.”