April 22, 2021

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Hodgson: I feel ashamed after the humiliating sevens of Liverpool

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Roy Hodgson, Crystal Palace’s manager, could not find anything positive during the 7-0 loss at home to Liverpool today, Saturday, and said that his team had been humiliated by Premier League champions Liverpool.

Liverpool made a strong showing at Selhurst Park, where Roberto Firmino and substitute Mohamed Salah scored twice each, while the rest of the goals came by Takumi Minamino, Sadio Mane and Jordan Henderson.

Hodgson told reporters, “There is nothing positive to say. We were humiliated in the result, we handled it very badly, for most of us we had never lost (7-0), so this is a new experience.”

“We have to get through that because this is what anyone should do. There is no point in talking about it for a long time, but thinking about what we will do. We must learn lessons from what happened,” he added.

Liverpool leads the league by 6 points from its closest competitors, while Palace tastes the worst defeat in its history at home in the Premier League.

“The only thing (positive) that I saw is that I don’t think the players gave up at any time,” Hodgson said.

“There was not shoots, goals and chances on us all the time, but when the opportunities arose, the opponent took advantage of them and was very decisive,” he added.

“We never stopped trying, but unfortunately we were playing against a team that showed confidence,” Hodgson added.