April 19, 2021

Premier League

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Jose Mourinho keeps an eye on the premier league title

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Jose Mourinho still into the defensive old tactic, still wants the clean sheet. This Spurs team now, with Moussa Sissoko and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg screening, make such a big difference in the system.

Also, the ability of Harry Kane to go deeper into difficult positions to pick up, and the most important thing, is that Son and Bergwijn are near to him, making the runs behind the deffense.

Now, Mourinho has the right players to excel the counter-attack art and to make a real threat to any offensive oppenents.

The challenges come against teams that play the same defensive system, where they have to be a little bit more creative, but that’s when the qualities of Kane and Gareth Bale will help to show more flexibility to change the system and dominate the game.

Source: Sky sports premier league news.