April 19, 2021

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Klopp: This is what happens when you lack momentum

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Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp revealed the main reason behind the loss to Southampton 0-1 Monday evening, at the end of the Premier League’s 17th round.

Liverpool presented a uninteresting performance during the match, and seemed surprised after he had conceded a goal in the second minute with Danny Ings’ signature.

Liverpool are away on goal difference against Manchester United, which has a postponed match.

“What was disappointing? How much time do we have to explain that? Obviously it is the beginning, not just the goal, but the beginning in general, congratulations to Southampton, they deserve to win,” Klopp said in statements to the BBC after today’s match. .

He added, “You are fully aware of what you will get from them. You should not be surprised, but we did the opposite.”

He explained, “At first we were surprised at how we played, and where we lost the balls, to realize that does not require rocket science. We should have performed better. We gave ourselves to them at the beginning.”

He continued, “They put in a lot of effort, and our decisions were not right. This is what happens when you lack momentum. We should have had more opportunities.”

He explained: “These are excellent players, but they were not ready from the start. Sadio Mane should have taken a penalty tonight, there was a handball.”

He stressed: “This is not an excuse for the performance, but we could have obtained a point if it was counted. Now we have to show a reaction.”