April 19, 2021

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Mourinho chooses his favorite team in the Premier League

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Jose Mourinho, Tottenham Hotspur’s coach, sang the great harmony between Harry Kane and Hyung-Min Son’s 3-0 victory over Leeds United on Saturday, as part of the Premier League’s 17th round.

“These are 3 important points,” Mourinho said in remarks after the match to “BT Sport”: “I think we understood very well how they could harm us and how we could harm them. In that aspect I am happy, but I think that we can do better.”

And about the wonderful partnership between Kane and Son: “Of course the understanding between them is good, and in front of Leeds it was important to have that ability in the attack.”

He added: “I think there are many good players in the Premier League in clubs that you do not think have great players, but it must be said that Son and Harry offer special things this season.”

He continued: “I want goals from the rest of the players, and I want them to feel that they can express themselves. We have Toby (Alderweireld) as well as other players in other positions who can score.”

Mourinho commented on the ease of the upcoming matches for Tottenham: “When we started facing the six big clubs, everyone started talking about easy matches coming, but I don’t see that. Leeds is a difficult team. Aston Villa is my favorite team in the Premier League now. I enjoy watching it, it has good players and a great coach.”.

Turning to the matches that are canceled due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, he said: “I go back to the basic rules, if you have 14 available players, you must play the game, and I do not see other reason to not play matches.”

He concluded: “I think that all clubs are doing their best to preserve their players, but there are moments in private life that cannot be controlled, we can’t blame everyone. However, if there are positive cases, we must play matches (if there are 14 players).”