April 19, 2021

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Mourinho: I am this person’s student … and Liverpool is the reason of our setback

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Jose Mourinho, coach of Tottenham Hotspur, spoke about the Spurs’ preparations for Leeds United, tomorrow, Saturday, in the 17th round of the Premier League, commenting on the postponement of his team’s last match against Fulham.

Mourinho began the press conference by talking about potential deals in the winter Mercato, saying: “I do not expect anything to happen, time is not easy.”

He added, “The club made a great effort during the summer to try to build a good list, and if something happened to us, it would be a big surprise to me.”

And about the postponement of the Fulham match, Mourinho said: “I do not want to talk much about it, it can only be said that it is unprofessional, but this is how it went.”

Given the impact’s extent of the postponement decision on the Spurs’ preparations, he said: “Of course we were affected. We were preparing ourselves for that match. We did not go to the match, and this destroyed a week of work. Training sessions would have changed if we knew about it.”

He added: “Some say it is good for me not to play the match, but the good thing for me was to tell me that we will not go to the match.”

Turning to Mourinho to talk about facing Leeds, saying: “Everyone knows this team, and everyone knows how to play, that’s all.”

He also commented on the possibility of continuing football with the current circumstances: “We are in a position where I do not believe opinions. My opinion does not matter at all. Certainly everyone knows from the start that I am the best to make all possible sacrifices to play the matches.”

And Mourinho continued: “But when you reach a situation in which a lot of doubt, I do not prefer talking, and only being prepared and thinking that we will play tomorrow.”

Regarding justice this season, given the circumstances, the Portuguese coach replied: “I think he is fair, but the season started wrongly with two teams that played less matches.”

And he added: “The season began in August, and we only knew in the last week of December the first date for the two matches, and therefore there are many things that are not true.”

Given the presence of Marcelo Bielsa’s students, the Leeds coach, Mourinho replied: “For me, I am only a student of my father, I do not like this situation in football, even with the young coaches who have worked with me, everyone has his own ideas, he can be influenced by someone, but what matters in the end is his personality. “

And Jose continued: “I do not face Mr. Bielsa, Tottenham is facing Leeds, I do not like personal confrontations that do not exist.”

Mourinho expected the participation of Lucas Moura and Carlos Vinicius against Leeds United, after the two attackers were absent from the Wolverhampton match due to injury.

As for the level of Tottenham, the Portuguese coach said: “The beginning was the defeat against Liverpool in a match that we were very close to winning, we were not close to losing, and after that meeting the level decreased and the results decreased.”

And he continued: “Football is about mental matters, and your role does not control every aspect of the game. I think we will have another good period during which we achieve victories and score goals.”

And he concluded: “If you look at the rest of the teams away from Aston Villa, you will find a team that left the Champions League (Manchester United) and a team that tied two games in a row (Liverpool) and the last lost 3 matches away from home (Chelsea).”