April 22, 2021

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Mourinho: Klopp won the best manager? .. Poor Flick has won only 5 championships

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Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho mocked the fact that German coach Jurgen Klopp had won the Best manager award at the best concert organized by FIFA.

Mourinho said, in remarks highlighted by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”: “Who deserves to be awarded the best coach Flick or Klopp? I think the only chance for Flick to win is if Bayern finds him two or 3 new championships to win.”

“If Flick wins 7 titles in one season, he might get the award. I think he only won the Champions League, the German League, the German Cup, the European Super Cup and the German Super Cup. He won only 5 tournaments, including the biggest competition.”

He concluded: “Poor Flick. I think that the only chance for him is that Bayern find him two titles, or three other titles, to see if he can win the prize.”