April 22, 2021

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Report: Tottenham 0-2 Leicester City

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Leicester City surprised its host Tottenham with a precious victory, in the Hotspur stadium on Sunday evening, in the 14th round of the Premier League.

Leicester scored a double by Jamie Vardy (45) and Toby Alderferield by mistake (60).

With that result, Leicester raised its score to 27 points in second place, while Tottenham stuck at 25 points in fourth place.

And therefore, Tottenham failed to achieve victory in the third game in a row in the league, after a draw against Crystal Palace and a loss against Liverpool.

The first attempt in the match came in the 6th minute, after Fofana rose to a cross sent by Maddison from a foul, with a header that went over the bar.

Leicester reappeared in the 17th minute, with a Maddison shot from outside the penalty area over the bar.

Tottenham appeared for the first time in the attack in the 34th minute, with Kane’s free kick, shooting a ball directly, which collided against the human wall and was confronted by Schmeichel afterwards.

Son sent a cross from a corner kick in the 41st minute, and Kane’s header pu the ball just above the bar.

Maddison tried to surprise Lloris with a curved shot from outside the penalty area in the 44th minute, but the French caught it easily.

Leicester City got a penalty kick in the second minute of additional time, after Fofana was handicapped by Aurier, the referee needed to return to the VAR technique to calculate it, and Vardy implemented it successfully, to end the first half with Leicester advancing with an unanswered goal.

Mourinho made the first substitute for Tottenham at the start of the second half, with Bale going at the expense of Ndombele.

Leicester began the game strongly, with a powerful shot from Maddison from the edge of the penalty area in the 46th minute, and Lloris caught it.

Leicester added the second goal in the 48th minute, after Fofana sent an elaborate assist from the midfield to Maddison, who was alone with Lloris and hit the net, before the goal was canceled for offside after returning to the VAR technique.

Mourinho immediately pushed his second card by the descent of Moura at the expense of Lo Celso, who suffered from injury.

Leicester scored the second goal in the 60th minute, after Albrighton sent a cross to Vardy’s header, but the ball touched Alderweireld and changed direction, bluffing Lloris and finding the net.

Kane tried to respond with a powerful low shot from the edge of the penalty area in the 61st minute, but Schmeichel caught it easily.

Mourinho made the third substitution in the 64th minute by descending Winks at the expense of Aurier.

Spaces appeared in the Spurs’ defenses after the two goals as they advanced to try to return to the game, and Maddison tried to exploit those spaces with a shot from inside the penalty area in the 69th minute, which passed next to the post.

The Spurs missed an opportunity to reduce the lead in the 71st minute, after Alderweireld’s header pass the ball to the uncontrolled Sun at the far post from a corner kick, who in turn hit it but Schmeichel made a brilliant stoppage.

Tottenham got a fine in the 73rd minute, which was carried out by Bale, striking a ball that went wide.

Leicester reappeared in the 80th minute, with a header from Fofana over the crossbar, followed by Vardy with a shot from inside the penalty area in the 82nd minute, and Lloris caught it.

Tielemans hit a powerful ball from inside the penalty area in the 86th minute, and it went over the crossbar, to end the match with Leicester winning two goals without a response.