April 19, 2021

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Santo could face penalties

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Wolverhampton Wanderers coach Nuno Espirito Santo could face penalties after he said the referee, who managed their loss’ match against Burnley (1-2) on Monday, was “not good enough to manage the top matches.”

The Portuguese coach criticized the referee, Lee Mason, although he awarded a late penalty kick in favor of his team.

The FA Disciplinary Committee will undoubtedly investigate Espirito Santo’s comments.

“The referee was not good enough to manage a Premier League match. We had this problem with Lee Mason before,” the coach said.

He added, “It is not about specific decisions or fatal errors, but rather how the match is managed.”

He continued, “He caused tension to the players. He blows the whistle a lot. We are talking about the best competition in the world, but he does not have the competence to manage these matches.”

He concluded, “I do not want to watch him very much. I told him that I do not want him to manage any games for us anymore. He cannot control the players. The players argue a lot. The other referees manage the matches smoothly.”