April 19, 2021

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The injured Thomas Partey’s mistake caused the second goal for the Spurs

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Mikel Arteta accused Thomas Partey of misunderstanding the gravity of the situation after he left the field injured.

The injured Partey vacated midfield and allowed Harry Kane to double the lead on a flying counter.

The Gunners Boss was seen trying to push Partey back onto the field moments before Kane put Spurs into an insurmountable lead, and he admitted his player was wrong to leave the position.

“Thomas is out, he’s limping, he’s in pain, he has to come off and we lost a man in that crucial transition moment,” Arteta said. “He has to fall on the floor.

“I wanted him on the pitch, doing whatever he could for the team in that situation. No one expected him not to be in that position.”

Arteta added: “I was trying to push him back on the pitch, I don’t think he realised the gravity of the situation when he left his position.

“That was probably because he was in a lot of pain. There is nothing we can do at the moment to resolve that.”

Source: Sky sports premier league news.